Longboard Parkour

4.5 stars on App Store

Longboard ParkourApp Store4.5

Meet the Superheroes Kids! Play the role a young boy named Johnny. Johnny is a REAL skater but has tendency to run into walls! Still, Johnny’s dream is to become a super hero and protect New York City from the bad guys! Come on! help the little boy achieve his dream. How? Just download the game and start Skateboarding!

How To Play

Tap on the screen to make the boy jump. Avoid obstacles to level up. Earn fantastic characters and fabulous medals! But whatever you do, do not smash Johnny’s head on the pavement!


- Stunning HD graphics
- Tons of super heroes characters to collect
- 10 (yes 10) medals to earn
- Day & night skating fun
- Ever changing beautiful graffiti art
- Super cool sound track


Super hard but fun! This game is much harder than flappy bird and much funner. Definitely a great little time waster!

Andrei Maximov

This game is super hard, but you can’t stop trying again and again.

Orion Adelman

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